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Point Blank Medical is a young Australian owned medical company headquartered in Sydney with a national footprint across Australia. We specialise in ground-breaking Spinal, Neurosurgery and Orthopaedic products to ensure the best outcomes for patients undergoing surgery. We also provide world-class Interventional Radiology products for soft tissue and bone biopsy, as well as Radiological Display systems .

Our Specialities



Specialists in innovative and cutting edge products for neurosurgeons.

Spinal & Orthopaedic surgery

Spinal & Orthopaedic Surgery

Specialists in Spinal and Orthopaedic products to ensure the best outcomes for patients undergoing surgery.

Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology

We provide world-class radiology products for soft tissue and bone biopsy, as well as radiological display systems.



Specialist disposable products designed specifically for various surgical specialties within operating theatres.

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New product

EARP Sanitisers

E ARP Sanitisers   Point Blank Medical has partnered up with a local Australian Distillery EARP to supply locally made Hand and Surface Sanitisers due to the COVID-19. EARP make...
New product

Personal Protective Equipment

P ersonal Protective Equipment   Point Blank Medical now offers PPE products to Australian hospitals in response to the COVID-19 situation. We now offer Face Shields, Level 2 and Level...
New product

IZI Soft Tissue and Breast Lesion Needles

Announcement!   From 1st May 2020, PBM will be the authorised sole supplier of IZI (USA) Soft Tissue Needle and Breast Lesion Needle for Biopsies. Encompassing Breast Biopsy and Soft...
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Featured Products

IZI PAK Needle

IZI Navigation Markers & PAK Needles


IZI Breast Biopsy Localisation Needles

IZI Bone & Soft Tissue Biopsy and Breast Localisation Needles


Athlete Feet

Pressure Monitoring, Marodyne LIV and HM Casting


Ertan Ozer

Knee Revision Systems


The DenerveX® System – coming soon


Apollo Surgical Gauze Dissectors

Apollo Surgical Gauze Dissectors


visius mri



Surgical drapes

Surgical Drapes – Jackson Spinal Table Covers


Cold Compression Therapy, Rehabilitation Braces


Spinal Disc, Cages and Vertebral Replacements



Rein Medical – a JVC Kenwood Company


Chicago Tip sucker

Spiral Medical Technologies


Partner Companies

IZI Medical

IZI Medical

Specialists in Bone and Soft Tissue Biopsy Needles, and also Hardware used for Navigated Surgery.



Specialists in physiotherapy and orthopaedic products to ensure the best outcomes for patients post-surgery.

Precision Surgical

Precision Surgical

Specialist in providing best in class spinal surgery hardware to ensure the best outcomes for patients undergoing spine surgery.

Spiral Medical

Spiral Medical Technologies

UK Consultancy Firm specialising in Medical Equipment and OR Infrastructure

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What They’re Saying

“It is my absolute pleasure to endorse the integrity and professionalism of Mr Ertan Ozer. I have had the privilege of knowing and interacting with Ertan over the past 20 years in his various roles with several different medical device companies and more recently with Point Blank Medical. He has always served me and the Neurosurgical community in general with excellent service, both in and out of the operating room. He is always introducing me to the latest technological advances and takes pride in keeping ahead of the pack when it comes to before and after-sales service. I have no hesitation in vouching for his honesty, commitment and integrity.”

Prof. Charlie TeoConsultant Prof. of Neurosurgery Prince of Wales Private Hospital
Founder of the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

“I have known Ertan and Zacks since my training years and they epitomise shear professionalism. They support products with evidence based results and empower surgeons with their industry knowledge. Most importantly, they are trustworthy, reliable and exceptionally accessible. Surgeons are only as good as their support network and Ertan and Zacks are consummate professionals.”

Dr Raoul PopeNeurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon
Mater Private Hospital Sydney

“In a short period of time their knowledge and level of relationships in the marketplace became very evident, they were able to successfully contribute to the sale and implementation of several VTOC patient outcome software solutions to multiple hospitals. Their detail to the sales process and importance placed on customer service is impressive, their relationships to their customers are genuine and it shows from the level of respect they give and receive in the marketplace. With all of their product offerings and implementations, they focus on putting the patient first. I highly recommend Point Blank Medical to any customer and potential company looking for distributors to represent them.”

Martin Pellinat CEO, VisionTreeSan Diego, USA

“I’ve worked with Ertan since 1998 in a former company, and following that since 2010 we’ve worked with Point Blank Medical alongside Zacks his business partner. Point Blank Medical has continued to represent us now for 5 years in Australia. They have been very professional, very diligent and have always achieved great sales for our company in Australia. They know their market very well and have fantastic relationships in Australia which has helped ILUMARK grow. I would highly recommend Point Blank Medical or PBM as they are known to any company needing a reliable and trustworthy distributor in Australia.”

Holger Rossner Managing Director of ILUMARK
Munich, Germany

“I have known Zacks and Ertan for over 15 years in the orthopaedic and neurosurgical industry. They continue to impress me with there professionalism, attention to detail and focus on picking best products out there to help us surgeons! ”

Dr Ralph MobbsNeurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon
POW Private Hospital

“I've known Ertan for almost 15 years and Point Blank Medical for the past 5 years since inception. They've always brought innovative products into the neuro and spine world, their service is great! Highly recommend PBM as a company to provide excellent knowledge for the spine surgeons. They are very keen to learn and always welcome into my theatres.”

Dr Darweesh Al- KhawajaNeurosurgeon and Spine Surgeon
Norwest Private Hospital, Nepean Private and Public Hospital
High Quality. Stunning Precision.

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