Key Features

Cold Compression Therapy

Rehabilitation Braces

Prevent DVT

Product information


VPULSE improves patient outcomes, reduces the total cost of the orthopedic episode and increases patient satisfaction to deliver more time well spent.

VPULSE helps patients achieve complete, comfortable recoveries through delivery of three distinct therapies:

Rapid impulse calf compression to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
Motorized cold therapy to help reduce operative site discomfort and inflammation
Wound compression to further help reduce operative site inflammation


Breg manufactures Braces used for Post Surgery, Ligament and Osteoarthritis Bracing.  Uses include:

Post-Operative Knee Braces. Support during post-operative knee rehabilitation
Walkers – use for foot sprains and fractures
Shoulder and Elbow Braces – stabilise fractures, injuries, reconstructions
Knee Ligament Bracing – protection for ACL, PCL and Lateral Ligaments

Company profile

Breg provides premium, high-value sports medicine products and services that advance patient orthopedic care.

Breg provides remarkably easy products, services, technology and consulting to improve the quality and lower the cost of the orthopedic episode, from conservative treatment to pre- and post-surgery. The second largest U.S. provider of orthopedic bracing, Breg is partner to 2,500 clinics, over 6,000 orthopedic surgeons and 1,500 Integrated Delivery Networks, providing sports medicine and rehabilitation products to one million patients annually.