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Self Cleaning


Ergonomic design

Product information

The Chicago Tip Non-Blocking Sucker

The “ChicagoTip™” is a disposable self cleaning suction device to be used in an array of surgeries. Our embedded stylet provides a simple solution to remove any clog without detaching the suction tip from the hose. This saves time and allows the surgical procedure to proceed without interruption.

FG Sizes: 9, 10, and 12 inch

Easily unblocked by Surgeon via built in slider
No disconnection of sucker tubing
Stainless Steel Tip resistant to high speed drill
The teardrop design allows for precise regulations and renders the suction quiet.
Chicago Tip sucker

Company profile


Neuron Enterprises is the leading provider of innovative surgical instruments. Neuro Enterprises is rapidly growing its list of products to enable surgeons to improve surgical outcomes and improve patient care.