Key Features

Diagnostic Quality for Mammography, CT/MRI, General X-Ray, Breast Tomosynthesis, Pathology, Endoscopy, General Clinical (EMR/EHR)

Innovative features such as Dynamic Gamma, Turbo Luminance, Auto Text Mode, Stable Colour and Brightness Management

Bright, High-Contrast 30″ Displays with display range of 2,3,5,6,8,12 Megapixels

Product information

CL-S1200: 12MP 30.9″ Colour Monitor

JVCKENWOOD’s top of the range display. The seamless screen with a wide area of 30.9 inches and a high resolution of 12 million pixels reduces the load of eye movement and provides a comfortable diagnostic imaging environment. Not only two windows side-by-side for mammography images but also other various images such as CT, MRI, ultrasound and pathology can be displayed, and it is free to arrange the layout of windows.

Key features:

12MP, 30.9″ Colour Display – Display two full-resolution mammography images side by side
Bright Display – Max Luminance 1200cd/m², 600cd/m² (calibrated). Enable Turbo-Luminance feature on demand.
High Resolution (4200 x 2800 native resolution, Mammography Class) and High Contrast (1500:1 typical)
Built-In Rear and Downward Reading Lights
Available for Sale Now – TGA Listed in Australia

For further information, please download the product brochure, link here.

CL-R813: 8MP 32″ Colour Monitor

High luminance and high contrast with wide screen for clinical review and multi modality diagnosis

Key features:

8MP, 32″ Colour Display – Display multiple multi-modality images side by side
Consistent Display Brightness- Max Luminance 500cd/m², 280cd/m² (calibrated), suitable for Clinical Review
High Resolution (3840 x 2160 native resolution) and High Contrast (1000:1 typical)
Available for Sale Now – TGA Listed in Australia

For further information, please download the product brochure, link here.

CL-S600: 6MP 30″ Colour Monitor

High Luminance & high contrast 6MP color monitor for Diagnostic Imaging

Key features:

6MP, 32″ Colour Display – Display multiple multi-modality images side by side
Very Bright Display – Max Luminance 1300cd/m², 600cd/m² (calibrated)
High Resolution (3280 x 2080 native resolution) and Extremely High Contrast (2000:1 typical)
Built-In Downward Reading Lights
Available for Sale Now – TGA Listed in Australia

For further information, please download the product brochure, link here.


JVCKENWOOD Medical Grade Monitors have multiple built-in class-leading advanced technologies. These include:

High Brightness and Contrast Displays, extending recognisable grayscale graduations
DYNAMIC GAMMA: Ability to simultaneously display both DICOM Images and Colour Images on the same screen with their correct display profile (DICOM GDSF and Gamma 2.2 respectively). This negates the requirement to have separate displays with corresponding display profile.
Front Sensor can be programmed to automatically calibrate the display periodically, ensuring consistent image quality.
Built-In Luminance Stabilisation, consistent stability over multiple years of clinical use
AUTO TEXT MODE: Display Brightness is automatically adjusted on patient lists and reporting applications to reduce eye strain.
IPS (In-Plane Switching Panel) technology, with wide viewing angles (typical 178 degrees) –  industry standard for Medical Grade Displays.
Variety of High Resolution Native Displays (2,3,5,6,8,12MP), with displays ranging from 21″ to 30″ in size


FDA510(k), ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 (2005) + A1 (2012) (US)
CE (EN60601-1, EN60601-1-2), RoHS (EU)
TGA, ARTG ID: 333910, 351152 (Australia)
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1 (2014) (Canada)


Calibration Kit (CAL-016): QA Medivisor Software and T4 Calibrator

QA Medivisor Agent provides calibration and QA standard testing capabilities through an intuitive and easy to navigate user interface, making it effective to manage day-to-day operation in the radiology department.

The calibration kit (product code CAL-016) comes with the QA Medivisor Agent (CDROM) and the Calibrator-T4 Photometer.

PM Medivisor (PM-001B): Remote Display Monitoring Server Software

PM Medivisor is an inhouse server software solution that continually collects and analyzes the operational status of medical monitors installed in hospitals, reporting findings back to the system administrator. Deployment of PM Medivisor can result in significant savings with time and effort for your PACS administrator, along with efficiency improvement.

Company profile

JVCKenwood Logo

JVCKENWOOD Medical Monitors

Point Blank Medical are immensely proud to announce that JVCKENWOOD (Japan) High Resolution Medical Radiology Displays are now available in Australia for the radiology market.

JVCKENWOOD (having acquired Totoku Nagaoka displays in 2013) has earned a reputable name in the global medical display arena since inception.

With JVCKENWOOD you can be confident that you will be interacting with one of the most respected and successful Japanese tech corporations whose aim is to build a strong presence in Australia in the radiology display segment. We are excited to build our long-term presence in Australia with JVCKENWOOD’s high performance displays combined with our local ethos of value-based pricing, capable service and professional support. JVCKENWOOD (Australia) is working closely with Point Blank Medical to be flexible in our price proposals in order to build a long-term loyal base of customers and reference sites.

Our TGA listed colour displays cover the full spectrum of display needs for CT / MR / Mammography, general X-Ray, pathology and endoscopy console displays. All models are designed and built in Japan for world-class performance and reliability backed by Japanese know-how.

Our range includes 12, 8, 6, 5, 3 and 2 megapixel displays with innovative features that stand out in clinical performance. Please feel free to contact Point Blank Medical to discuss JVCKENWOOD displays for your department or practice. Point Blank’s ethos is based on quality, integrity and service and we hope that we can engage with you soon.