Key Features

Motion Preserving Disc Replacements

ACDF and ALIF Cages

Vertebral Body Replacements

Product information

Motion Preserving Disc Replacements

Motion Preserving disc replacement for Lumbar and Cervical levels.

activL – B.Braun

activC – B.Braun

ACDF and ALIF Cages

ACDF and ALIF Cages. Uses Three Screws, PEEK Material.

Alias ACDF Cage

Advantage ALIF Cage

Vertebral Body Replacements

Vertebral body replacement for Bridging substance defects. Expandable replacement with plates.

obelisc – Ulrich

ADDPlus – Ulrich

Company profile

Precision Surgical Logo

Precision Surgical Pty Ltd is an Australian based company founded in 2012, and acquired by now Managing Director, Keith Shevlin in 2016.

Precision Surgical works with global leaders in orthopaedic innovation, to provide Australian surgeons and patients with the highest quality products for efficacious patient outcomes.

In 2017 Precision Surgical together with Signature Orthopeadics, will be providing a custom 3D printed ALIF prosthesis. This will mark a new and exciting use of technology to provide the best possible care for patients in need of life changing spinal surgery.