Key Features

Smart OR Integration

AiO Computers & Monitors for RIS, HIS, PACS and Endo

Seamless wall integrated solution

Product information


The OPERION® concept offers professional devices for any type of OR wall. Whether as a monitor or with an integrated PC system that uses the latest Intel technology, you will get the right system for any application, in screen sizes of 19” to 75”.

Can mount flush (“FB”), cover mount (“BR”) or on wall (“BODY”)
Optional Integrated “INFOBAR”
HD, 2K, Quadview, PiP and 4K resolution options
Touch Screen and Keyboard-Mouse control with Hygienic, IP65 protection
Various designs to suit any OR


The INFOBAR is a clock with large numbers that can be easily read, even in poor lighting conditions. The INFOBAR can also be mounted directly above the OPERION®. Functional displays for time, stopwatch, temperature, humidity and differential pressure are included on request. The INFOBAR has an integrated A/D converter, which means it can use existing sensors in the operating room.


The light, compact design of the CLINIO MONITOR makes an impression, and not only on the wall. The CLINIO is also very impressive in surgical swivel and springs arms. The display can be used at any workstation thanks to the optional base. The brilliant image quality, low power consumption and compact design make the CLINIO the perfect OR monitor. A key feature of Clinio is the all-around IP54 protection. Available in 4 sizes: 22″, 24″, 27″ (4K), 32″ (4K).


The CLINIO 4 is a perfectly balanced all in one computer. Although its ability to support medical applications such as RIS, HIS, PACS and EHR is impressive, it offers so much more. With its brilliant screen, impressive performance and the wide range of options available, it fulfils all requirements for use in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and other medical institutions.


The SILENIO monitors are perfectly suited to being integrated into hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and operating rooms and they offer an outstanding price-performance ratio. The front IP54 protection comes into its own in any scenario where hygiene is of the utmost importance. The SILENIO monitors are available in five sizes: 22”, 24”, 42”, 43” (4K) and 55” (4K).

SMART OR Software

SMART OR is a software solution that performs the routing and streaming of audio and video data in conjunction with a hard- ware encoder; it is also responsible for archiving. SMART OR is flexible and can be configured in a variety of ways. It can be used on a single-user system as well as for as a multi-user system in the OR. SMART OR can also be implemented as a clinic-wide solution.

Company profile

Rein Medical

Rein Medical has been developing, producing and selling computers, monitors and other IT components for 20 years. Since entering the medical sector in 1999, Rein Medical have become a leading provider of medical IT solutions. Rein products stand for durability, hygienic design and ergonomic operation. They are developed in house and bear the ‘Made in Germany’ label.